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AIS 140 directive by MORTH – Vehicle GPS tracking and panic button

What is it?

An Automotive Industry Standard for all public vehicles.
It refers to standardization activities to be initiated on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) - Vehicle Location Tracking, Camera Surveillance System and Emergency Request Button This means that AIS 140 certified vehicles will require a GPS vehicle tracking device, an emergency switch(also called a panic button) and later on even CCTV surveillance As a long term vision, the government expects to collect GPS related data from every public vehicle per hour from the AIS 140 verified device. Also, the panic button should send an alert to a control centre which would give required instructions

For whom is it applicable?

For all public vehicles which includes the below but may not be a complete list-
Public bus transport
Private bus transport and tempo travellers
All types of taxis
School buses and vans
Company transport

What is to be done?
Get the vehicle tracking and panic button installed from an ARAI certified vendor or their distributor - Here is the latest list as of 20th March 2019 : List of vendors. You can contact us and we can get it installed for you.

How can it help vehicle owners and passengers?

What we have observed is that many vendors are just taking the installation as a one-time cost for RTO passing. Rather, this is an opportunity for owners to extend the below features to their customers - Safety - With GPS tracking enabled and a panic switch installed, passengers can feel confident about the safety of the vehicle and will prefer it over others Convenience - Owners can provide tracking facilities to their clients so that clients can know the real time location of their ride and estimated arrival times Fuel Efficiency - Owners can know the total distance travelled by their vehicle via GPS and not rely on their drivers for the data. This can help understand if any malpractices regarding fuel are done Driver behaviour - Owners can also track the speed of the vehicles, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and rash turning and get notified if there are any violations

How can we help you?

We can assist you in the following services:

If you already have AIS 140 devices pre-installed from OEMs or your showrooms from where you have purchased the vehicle and you want to have a GPS tracking solution using those devices
If you do not have any GPS device installed but have a requirement
If you have a GPS device which is not AIS 140 certified, we can help you upgrade to AIS 140 devices and integrate them with your GPS tracking solution


Q. Is it mandatory for all public vehicles?
A - It is mandatory for all public vehicles registered after 1st Jan 2019 except for auto-rickshaws and e-rickshaws.
Q. What if I don’t install it?
A - The RTO will not pass your vehicle.
Q. I already have a GPS device installed. Do I need to install another?
A - Most likely, the installed GPS device (If before 2019) will not be compliant with AIS 140 standards and hence will not be approved by the RTO. It is mandatory to have an AIS 140 certified device only.
Q. My vehicle is registered before 1st Jan 2019. Is it mandatory for me?
A - Government has mentioned that it is going to be made mandatory for existing vehicles as well but they are yet to come out with a date. So if you are anyway going to install a GPS device, better install an AIS 140 compliant device.

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